Panel Beating Services and Car Smash Repairs in Hawthorn

Have you been in a car accident and don’t know where to start? Or even if you did know, is your car in an inoperable condition? Don’t worry Scope Accident Repairs has got you covered. We take on the entire process of repairing your car from picking it up to filing your insurance claim. Being involved in a collision and car accident repairs can be stressful, but for over thirty years Scope Accident Repairs has helped thousands of happy customers get back on the road.

Not only will we pick up your car and drop it off, but we also offer a replacement car, so your life remains undisrupted. Here is just a small sample of the multiple car accident repair services we offer in the greater Melbourne and Hawthorn area.

Panel Beating Services Hawthorn

Our expert team of technicians ensure that each of your car’s damaged metal panels are restored to their pre-accident condition. This also includes inspecting all panel gaps to make sure they are correctly spaced to avoid rubbing and mechanical issues where they interface such as doors and windows.

Panel beating services are the first step in most car accident repairs. Because its the base for all subsequent work, our experienced technicians take exceptional care to guarantee that each point of damage is perfectly smoothed and ready for the next steps.

Cash Smash Repairs Hawthorn

Our state of the art facilities and experienced team, cover all your needs when an unfortunate event happens, no matter how minor your car accident was, we can help. From the moment you decide to work with us, we will take over and make the process of restoring your car to its pre-accident condition. We provide replacement car services so your daily life remains undisrupted, and will take care of all the necessary paperwork because life is hard enough without added red tape. When you’re involved in an accident, we will not only take care of your car, we’ll take care of you as well.

Mobile Panel, Bumper and Wheel Repair Services Hawthorn

Not every scratch, ding and dent requires a visit to Scope Accident Repairs. Smaller impact damage can actually be taken care of at your location! Our mobile panel, bumper and wheel repair services can visit you and straighten out small dings in your panels and bumpers or pavement rubs on your alloy wheels.

Not sure if this service is appropriate for your type of repair? Get a free and no-obligation quote with our upload your smash form. Visit the link for more information.

Spray Painting Services Hawthorn

A great automotive finish is equal parts science and aesthetics. Our dust-free facilities and use of high-quality materials ensure that your cars finish will be practically restored to its factory finish.

Something that many people overlook is how much value a fresh paint job can add to a used automobile. Especially if you are considering selling your beloved vehicle, daily use dings and scratches can knock hundreds if not thousands of dollars of its value. The great thing about refreshing your paint job, is that you can get a lot of value for a relatively low cost.

Insurance Claims Services Offered by Scope Accident Repairs Hawthorn

Scope Accident Repairs wants the process of dealing with a collision to be as painless as possible. This is why we offer our customers help with filing their insurance claims. This helps make an already difficult situation a little easier.