Panel Beating Services and Car Smash Repairs in South Melbourne

Scope Accident Repairs has been serving the greater Melbourne area including South Melbourne for over thirty years. Our mission from the beginning was customer satisfaction, that’s why we back all the work done in our facilities with a lifetime guarantee.

We also take care of the entire process involved with car smash repairs. We offer panel beating services, spray painting and insurance claims services by Scope Accident Repairs. We also offer a mobile panel, bumper and wheel repair service that can fix minor collision damage right at your home.

Car Smash Repairs South Melbourne

Our state of the art facilities, highly trained team and use of high-quality materials ensure we can get your car back to its pre-collision condition quickly at a reasonable price. We even offer an ‘upload your smash’ feature that allows you to upload images of your car’s damage for a free no-obligation quote.

Panel Beating Services South Melbourne

The first step required in most repairs is panel beating. Smooth and straight metal panels are critical for a factory-fresh finish. Our experienced technicians not only will sculpt your panels back to their original shape, but they will also make sure that the gaps between them align well. This is important so all your doors and window function like they should.

Spray Painting South Melbourne

A car’s finish is intrinsically linked to its value. A dull, damaged or scratched paint job can knock hundreds of dollars off the value of your automobile. Our dust-free paint booths and state of the art facilities ensure that your car shines like it did before it was involved in an accident.

Even if your car wasn’t involved in a collision, a fresh coat of paint before trading in or selling can increase the value of your vehicle for a very small investment.

Mobile Panel, Bumper and Wheel Repair Services South Melbourne

For smaller dings and dents that don’t show significant damage to the paint, our mobile unit can visit your location and repair your car on the spot. If you accidentally rubbed your alloy wheels on the curb or had a parking mishap, we can help restore your car to its original condition.

Insurance Claims Services Offered By Scope Accident Repairs South Melbourne

Being in an accident enough of an inconvenience without you also having to deal with filing an insurance claim. When you work with Scope Accident Repairs, we will help you process and file your insurance claim, minimizing both the time and headache involved in getting your car back on the road.