Spray Painting and Car Smash Repairs in Sandringham

For over three decades we have been offering the greater Melbourne area including Sandringham, exceptional car smash repairs. We are proudly local and a family own business that not only prioritizes high-quality work, but also a high level of customer support.

Our car smash repairs include mobile panel, bumper and wheel repair services, spray painting and panel beating services, we’ll even remove the bureaucracy of filing a claim, and do it for you!

Spray Painting Sandringham

One of the last steps necessary to complete car smash repairs; spray painting is important to achieve that ‘fresh from the showroom’ look after an accident. We not only use the latest methods, but also the highest quality materials to ensure the end result exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Of course, one of the final steps of repairing a car that’s been in an accident depends on previous steps to be executed well.

Panel Beating Services Sandringham

This is one of most important parts of the car smash repairs process because it’s the layer everything adheres to. A small blemish at this step will be highlighted with each additional coat of paint. That’s why our team is made up of experienced craftspeople, that use the latest methods and tools.

This service is usually needed when dealing with more significant damage, a less invasive method is what we call, mobile panel, bumper and wheel repair services.

Mobile Panel, Bumper and Wheel Repair Services Sandringham

This method removes dents, scratches and chips without the need to redo the entire paintwork. Usually reserved for lower impact accidents, it can successfully remove hail damage, damage from fender benders, scuffed painted alloy wheels or similar small dings.

This is an efficient way to renew the look of your vehicle, when applicable. Curious if your case can be fixed with mobile panel, bumper and wheel repair services? Upload a picture of your vehicle’s damage and we will send you a no-obligation free quote!

Insurance Claims services offered by Scope Accident Repairs Sandringham

Nobody likes doing paperwork, even less so when dealing with a stressful situation like an accident and the subsequent repairs necessary. Scope Accident Repairs with not only help you with a claim but also lend you a car until your vehicle is roadworthy again.

All of our repairs include a lifetime guarantee because we proudly stand behind the quality of our repairs and work. So even though you might be dealing with car smash repairs you won’t have to deal with the frustrations associated with insurance and access to transportation. We’ll even tow your damaged vehicle to our shop making the process even easier!